Pipe Freezing

Alif Engineering services Oman proudly introducing our new division of services in “PIPE FREEZING” with our well qualified Engineers. The process is fully controlled & followed by formal procedures of ISO 9001:2015 Quality control systems.

Pipe freezing is a technique used to modify and repair pipelines. Pipe freezing cools the exterior of the pipe for a period of time long enough for the fluid within the pipe to solidify. The frozen fluid isolates a section of the pipe so that work can be performed in a more expeditious manner.

Pipe freezing is a useful tool when shutoff valves are not available in the area of the pipeline that needs repair. Pipe freezing permits repairs in isolated areas. Because individual sections of a pipeline can be separated using the pipe freezing method, the entire pipeline system may not need to be shut down. Pipeline freezing is very practical for small diameter pipes, however large diameter pipes (150 mm or greater) may require special equipment and considerations.


We are specialized to work on range from 0.5″ to 40″ in DIA


No need massive draining fluid

Cost effective

Minimize manpower required and loss of liquid/resources with the most competitive pricing

Service Time

We work best at 24/7

Hassle Free

No need to purge air of refill fluid after work in complete


No need shut system Down

Time Saving

Shorten System Downtime/Quick in process


Service carried out by our well Qualified & Trained Engineers

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