Our Mass and Volumetric calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools as well as calibration of masters and standards.

We provide a wide range of mass calibration services including balance calibration, scale calibration, weight calibration and comparator calibration. Some instruments can also be calibrated on-site at our customers’ facilities by our specially trained field technicians.

Our calibration standards are traceable to national standards and mass calibration. Weight calibration is available for a wide range of classes. Our lab has equipment capable of performing balance calibration, scale calibration and comparator calibration.

You will receive timely, accurate results and an easy-to-read Calibration Certificate with a full report of all work and results. Number of scales designed to handle mass calibration of standards and instruments at various weights and accuracies. The calibration entails a weight comparison from the scale readout against a known standard or mass value. The precision mass standards used for calibration are of a known accuracy.

We provide services for a variety of volumetric instruments including pipettes calibration, beakers calibration and burettes.

Calibration Capabiities

  • Weight Calibration
  • Balance Calibration (Scale Calibration)
  • Comparator Calibration
  • Flow cup
  • Gas flow meters
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